Our Spaceport

Astraius will base its launch operations in the UK at the Prestwick Spaceport in Scotland. This facility, which is at an advanced stage of planning, will provide all the ground-based requirements for our launch services.

The C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft will operate from the Spaceport, providing our ‘air-launch’ platform. Payload processing, vehicle integration, launch telemetry and a new mission control centre, will make this one of the most advanced launch facilities in the world.

Our Technology

Our horizontal launch capability combines ground-breaking technology delivered from a tested launch platform.

  • Our launch vehicle is built upon a system successfully used by the US Government for over 30 complex missions and is capable of launching payloads up to 800kg.
  • Our air launch system is the proven C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft. It is flown by both the USAF and Royal Air Force, with more than 200 aircraft in service across the globe.
  • Our launch and range integration will be based at our Scottish Spaceport, providing all necessary ground-based requirements in a bespoke, state of the art facility.
  • Our Horizontal Launch System safely delivers satellites to all Low Earth Orbit inclinations to include Sun-Synchronous Orbit.

Customer Services

“Commitment to our customers is paramount. Our solutions offer the flexibility that satellite companies need. We deliver affordability with the highest standards of service. We’re looking forward to developing a relationship with you.”  Kevin Seymour, CEO

We will begin launching satellites in 2023 for our customers from the UK and across the world, with the potential of expanding our global basing footprint from 2025.

We’re already taking bookings, with launch service agreements for initial payloads. Talk to us now about your needs and secure a dependable, affordable and agile launch.