ASTRAIUS – taken from the ancient Greek god of stars and planets, our name serves as an inspiration as we drive to explore new frontiers and further the understanding of the world in which we live.

ASTRAIUS is a satellite launch provider which will operate globally. We represent the leading full-service horizontal launch capability: our management team, our customers and the numerous industry regulatory bodies under which we operate believe that the market-leading launch solution ASTRAIUS offers is superior to any that is currently available.

ASTRAIUS’ key advantages:

  • RIGHT TEAM: A proven and experience management team
  • RIGHT PRODUCT: Horizontal launch is proven, reliable, weather robust and cost-effective
  • RIGHT PLACE: Spaceport is primed, financed, and ready to be developed
  • RIGHT TIME: First mover advantage coincides with spike in commercial launches anticipated for 2023
  • RIGHT PRICE: A low-cost solution at $45k/kg

Where We Are

ASTRAIUS has executive offices in Washington DC., and operational locations in Alabama, Florida and Scotland. With exclusive vendor and customer relationships located all over the globe, ASTRAIUS’ initial market focus will be the UK and northern Europe for customers, with key partners located primarily in the US and the UK.