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Kevin Seymour Appointed as CEO of Astraius

Kevin Seymour Appointed as CEO of Astraius

April 12, 2020

Washington DC, USA   — April 12, 2020ASTRAIUS, the UK and US based small and medium satellite launch company, has appointed Kevin Seymour as Chief Executive Officer for its newly established global solution for space delivery.

Kevin Seymour co-founded ASTRAIUS in 2019 and was responsible in establishing the governmental, supplier and customer relationships needed to create this one-of-a-kind space solution.  His leadership, drive and perseverance has shown the ASTRAIUS Board of Directors the needed dynamism required to build a global leader in space.

Kevin’s unique experience and understanding of the complex nature of transatlantic and global market needs, and existing global capabilities will allow ASTRAIUS to secure its first mover advantage.

Kevin said; “This appointment is the culmination of a life’s work in military and space related industries. The team I am building at ASTRAIUS, which is forming rapidly, brings together unrivalled expertise and leadership in this complex field. We look forward to hitting the ground running as we push for our first launch in 2023.”

ASTRAIUS board member and lead independent director, Dan Hughes, (Maj Gen Ret., USA) added, “…Kevin’s tenacity and commercial understanding is the perfect complement to the subject matter experts he has identified in his developing team. The Astraius Board is delighted to have Kevin lead the company on a journey as we seek to become the first choice in satellite launch globally.”


ASTRAIUS is the first U.K. commercially operated horizontal launch capability for small to medium-size satellites.  Based in Scotland, ASTRAIUS’ unique position is the culmination of its international management team’s decades of experience, encompassing U.K. and U.S. governmental engagement, commercial and military space launches, and satellite operations.  ASTRAIUS’ launch capability is weather and location agnostic. It will deliver small and mid-size satellites to any inclination in Low Earth Orbit.


Kevin Seymour, Chief Executive Officer, has led National and International Defense, and Aerospace Programs for UK/US Government and private sector, most notably the $9BN Carrier Program.  A proven leader and expert in team building, executed Operational Command Tours with US/UK and NATO.

Kevin commanded 801 Naval Air Squadron and the Royal Navy’s Strike Wing. He was instrumental in the successful acquisition of the F35 programs for both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

Kevin started his career with the Royal Navy, graduating Britannia Royal Naval College in 1986, and now lives in the Metro Washington DC area.